General conditions of bike hire

ARTICLE I. The service organization Pro Velo asbl/vzw («the owner»), charged with renting out bicycles, has the right to examine the capacities and fitness of participants to ride a bicycle in the framework of Pro Velo services. The person renting the bicycle (hereafter referred to as «the tenant»), declares to be fit for using a bicycle and not to suffer from any medical counter indication.

ARTICLE II. The rented material (bicycle and accessories) remains the full property of Pro Velo asbl/vzw during the entire period of rent. The tenant cannot lend or sublet the material to a third party without the consent of Pro Velo asbl/vzw.

ARTICLE III. The tenant declares that the bicycle is in perfect working order, and commits him/herself to use it with proper care, to see after its maintenance, and to return it after the period of rent, in the same condition as (s)he received it, and to return it to the owner at the date and venue stipulated in the contract. Any delay will be indicated to the owner. The tenant knows the condition, size, and model of the bicycle. Before leaving, the tenant has the right to try the bicycle. If it does not seem to correspond to the expectations, (s)he can ask for replacement. After departure, the tenant has accepted the bicycle in its current state.

ARTICLE IV. Pro Velo has the right to recover the damages caused to the bike during the period of rent, either by detracting a sum off the deposit, or by invoice, the tenant hereby agrees to this arrangement.

ARTICLE V. If a bike turns inoperative during the period of rent, the tenant needs the permission of Pro Velo before ordering any repair, and (s)he will provide an invoice of the costs of repair. The tenant can in no case reclaim damage or interests for lost benefit during the period of rent.

ARTICLE VI. The day package corresponds to a maximum of 24-hour rental or a working day of the establishment. The half-day package corresponds to 4-hour rental. In case of exceeding the agreed upon rental period, a surcharge is due based on the hourly rate.

ARTICLE VII. In case the bike is lost, stolen, or damaged, Pro Velo has the right to claim a compensation of 400 € for a standard bicycle, 220 € for a children’s bicycle, 1400 € for a folding Brompton brand bicycle, 600 € for a tandem bike, 1700 € for an electrically assisted bicycle, 3900 € for a cargo bicycle (without the case) and 1400 € for the case without prejudice to the conservation of the deposit. When the bike is returned dirty by the tenant, Pro Velo has the right to claim a compensation of 15 €. Cost of the damaged bicycle parts (standard bicycle): saddle 20 €, rear wheel lock 31 € and/or key 15 €, chain lock in case 25 € (case 10 €, lock 15 €), pair of lights 20 €, chain guard 21 €, fork 34 €, rear rack 30 €, bell 5 €, derailleur 20 €, kickstand 13 €, mudguard 11 €, entire rear wheel 46 €, entire front wheel 95 €, used tire due to slipping 40 €, gear system (Nexus) 150 €. Cost of the damaged bicycle parts (electric bicycle Oxford): saddle 20 €, bell 5 €, pedals 20 €, kickstand 17 €, chain guard 22,50 €, derailleur 58 €, fork 34 €, entire front wheel 65 €, entire rear wheel 90 €, front lamp 21,50 €, rear lamp 13 €, rear rack 70 €, mudguard 30 €, €, rear wheel lock 31 €, lock ABUS BORDO 120 €, front or rear disc brake 55 €, central disc brake 20 €, Bosch battery 600 €, charger 172 €, display 110 €, display holder 13 €, shifter 40 €. Cost of the damaged bicycle parts (cargo bicycle): saddle 39 €, front lamp 19 €, rear lamp 9 €, steering column 75 €, bell 8 €, key lock 15 €, kickstand 90 €, front mudguard 22 €, rear mudguard 28 €, entire front wheel 199 €, entire rear wheel 500 €, battery 800 €, charger 170 €, display 110 €, shifter 40 €, pedals 16 €, rear wheel lock 30 €, brake levers 50 €, disc brake 30 €. Cost of the damaged accessories (other): adult cycling helmet 30 €, child's helmet 25 €, Ortlieb bag 68 €, Brompton bag 150 €, U-lock 60 €. The cost of any damaged accessories not listed will be determined by Pro Velo asbl/vzw. Labour needed for repairs will be invoiced at a rate of 49 €/hr.

ARTICLE VIII. The tenant commits her/himself to declare any loss or theft of the bicycle and/or its parts to the local police authorities within 24 hours.

ARTICLE IX. If the tenant contravenes any law or regulation during the period of rent, Pro Velo can in no case be held responsible. Cyclists ride on their own responsibility and abide by traffic regulations.

ARTICLE X. Rental cost of bicycles and accessories must be paid beforehand. The hirer must hand over an identity card. Pro Velo reserves the right to request an additional deposit of 150 € per hired standard bicycle and a deposit of 300 € per hired electric or folding bicycle. The deposit will be returned to the hirer once the bicycles and accessories have been inspected.

Through developing personalised solutions that facilitate and encourage people to transition to cycling, the non-profit organisation Pro Velo contributes to a higher quality of life.