Frequently asked questions


Answers to frequently asked questions about our guided tours.

If I cancel because of rain, will the fee be reimbursed?

Except for exceptional circumstances (such as a storm or when the parks being closed), a tour is never cancelled due to weather conditions. Therefore there is no reimbursement.

What equipment should I bring in case of rain?

It rarely rains for long. A rain cape, or a raincoat, and waterproof trousers can be worn for protection. Some of these items are for sale at Pro Velo’s reception desk.

If I have already paid for my ride but want to cancel, what are the conditions?

Except in exceptional circumstances (such as a storm or when the parks being closed), we do not refund tours that are part of our scheduled programme.

In the case of rides that are arranged on request, if you cancel during the preceding month up to 3 days before the selected date, Pro Velo will only keep the deposit. If you cancel less than 3 days before the agreed date of the ride, you will be invoiced for the total cost as agreed when you made the booking.

How can I pay?

In the case of scheduled tours, book your places by paying in advance, at the latest 3 days before the date of the tour. The payment can either be made the link that was sent by email, or at our reception desk. We accept bank cards, credit cards and cash.

If you want to join us at the last minute, phone us to check availability!

Pay to book

Pleaso note that your place is only booked at the moment you make your payment!

When can we arrange a tour on request?

Any time you want! As long as it is during our opening hours.

A supplement will be charged if you want to arrange a ride outside our opening hours.

Are tour participants insured by Pro Velo?

No, participants ride at their own risk! In the case of an accident, the participant’s family liability insurance (Burgerlijke Aansprakelijkheid / Responsabilité Civile) would come into effect. This is a mandatory insurance in Belgium. If you are not Belgian, we urge you to check your personal coverage.

What kinds of bikes can we rent to ride along?

We have a large stock of city bikes. We can also offer you electric bikes and folding bikes.

How many participants can partake?

From 1 to 18 participants for the tours of our scheduled programme.

In the case of requested tours, there is no limit to the number of participants. We accept a maximum of 18 participants per guide. If there are more participants, we will provide more guides.

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