Brussels, melting pot

Did you say Bruselas? Brüssel? Brussels? Bruksela? بروكسل? ...

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Theme: Lifestyle
Region: bruxelles
Physical challenge: Easy
Distance: 20 Km
Duration: 4:00


Yes, Brussels is the capital of Europe. But it’s also a contemporary Babylon, champion of cultural diversity. Italians, Congolese, French, Portuguese, Ethiopians, Moroccans, Turks, ... The list of different communities, living togeher in Brussels, is too extensive to enumerate...

Our guide, an old-school Brussels “zinneke”, will take us through some of the neighbourhoods that most beautifully witness this diversity: Matongé, Châtelain, the Place St. Josse, Queen's Square, Tour & Taxis, the Gare du Midi... They will evoke not only the past history of the city (as a former colonial metropolis, land of immigrants), but also its current status as a melting pot of cultural diversity.

Several stops are planned along the way. These will allow you to also get a literal taste of the diversity of Brussels


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