Cycling tests

Buying an electric bike represents a substantial investment. At Pro Velo, we invite you to try our models for up to three months, so that you can be sure that this solution fits well with your lifestyle.

Cycling tests

Testing electric bikes

Our testing offer includes a personalised guide and a training course for safe cycling in traffic, as well as providing economic benefits if you decide to buy the bike at the end of the test. 

Testing cargo bikes, long-tail cargo bikes and folding bikes

Are you already a cyclist and looking to move onto a cargo bike, long-tail cargo bike or folding bike for your everyday family trips? We invite you to test our products for a week in most of our locations.

Do you live in an area of Brussels?

Cairgo Bike is a Brussels-based project that uses cargo bikes and long-tail cargo bikes to improve air quality. The areas taking part are inviting their residents to test cargo bikes or electric long-tail cargo bikes for free for two weeks. 

Discover the cairgo bike project