Cycling for all

In order to develop and facilitate the use of the bicycle in Belgium, Pro Velo has been supporting individuals, governments, schools and companies since 1992. Our services are aimed at making cycling accessible to everyone through personal support. This way, Pro Velo contributes to a better quality of life!

Our mission

All Pro Velo activities are aimed at the same goal: making cycling accessible to everyone and supporting (new) cyclists throughout their journey. That means: learning to cycle at any age, gaining self-confidence and autonomy, experimenting with different solutions, jumping on your bike every day and finally convincing and inspiring those around you to try it for themselves.

Our activities

Discover our activities in 3 steps of the journey: becoming a cyclist, starting cycling on a daily basis and participating in the development of cycling in Belgian society.


Step 1: get on the bike

To encourage people to jump on a bike, it is important to inform, raise awareness and provide support in a safe environment. This way, we help people who want to cycle overcome real or perceived barriers, such as economic barriers, lack of comfort on a bicycle, feelings of fear and insecurity on the road, lack of knowledge or lack of basic equipment.


Step 2: keep people on their bikes

We propose a range of projects and services accessible to all that help new or occasional cyclists gain confidence, experiment with different solutions from the increasingly well-developed range of bicycles, and gain autonomy and equip themselves to jump on the bike on a daily basis.


Step 3: spread the word

In other words, maintain and further develop the growing popularity of cycling in society through citizens, as well as through the government and our intermediary audiences with whom we work as part of our activities.

Pro Velo 2021 in numbers

56 000

visits to our branches

7 234

repairs in our workshops


classes trained through the Brevet du Cycliste