Cruise and bicycle tour

Brussels, Laken, Neder-Over-Heembeek, Vilvoorde: municipalities you hardly heard of? Then this boat-annex-bike trip is right up your alley! We leave by boat and return by bike, al along the canal.

Pricing and conditions

To remember

Theme: Exceptional
Region: bruxelles
Physical challenge: Easy
Distance: 12 Km
Duration: 4:00


Along the canal, Brussels pays hommage its industrial past. Nowadays, many families and offices find accommodation in the well-renovated factory buildings. But many sites in both Brussels and Vilvoorde still reveal their original purpose. Along the way, we discover how green zones add colour to the canal.

We provide the bikes at the Steenkaai in Vilvoorde, and pick them up again in Brussels.

Departure: Square Sainctelette, avenue du Port 6 on 10u or 13u

Arrival: Square Sainctelette, avenue du Port 6 on 14u or 17u


Prices for clubs/families/schools: ship, € 3 per person - guide*, € 200 (up to 4 hours) - bike rental + transport, € 22 per bike

Prices for companies/administrations/tour operators: ship, € 3 per person - guide*, € 300 (up to 4 hours) - bike rental + transport, € 25 per bike

*A single group can consist of up to 18 people, but we are able to handle several groups simultaneously.


Not yet exactly what you’re looking for? We’ll be happy to customise a trip for you. We can match it completely to your planning (a few hours or a whole day?), interests (a nice lunch?) and physical fitness level. Offers are always non-binding.

In partnership with Brussels by Water


Good to know

  • No bike at your disposal? Rent one of ours!
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