Via Velo

Via Velo

Via Velo offers training courses for organisations in Brussels whose members want to learn to cycle and to get around town in complete safety.

Via Velo 2018

The next lot of registrations will start in January 2018. We will, of course, keep you posted!

While some adults have never learned the basics of how to balance on a bike, others simply need to increase their self-confidence before learning to get around by bike in a safe way. Via Velo responds to these needs. Each participant learns to overcome their most fundamental obstacle to cycling: a physical disability that hinders cycling, the lack of knowledge and confidence in practising this activity in an urban environment.

Whatever your sphere of activity, cycling is a tool ready to serve the objectives and missions of your organisation. It encourages confidence and improves participants’ independence while also allowing the practice of a physical activity. This project is a means of encouraging social cohesion among members of the group. The progressive training modules are adapted to the needs of your public and your mission. At the same time this is a way of discovering the advantages of cycling as a means of alternative transport.

Through developing personalised solutions that facilitate and encourage people to transition to cycling, the non-profit organisation Pro Velo contributes to a higher quality of life.