Your bike and public transport in Brussels


In Brussels, you can board most trams and metros with your bike without any additional costs. For now, buses are off-limits.

  • You can take your bike on all types of metro trains and all low-floor trams (i.e. not on the old-style PCC trams).
  • Except during rush hours! (Monday to Friday, from 7 to 9 am and 4 to 6:30 pm.)

When the tram of metro arrives at your station, look out for the doors with a bike symbol. Don't leave your bike unattended and be careful not to disturb other travelers. You do not have priority getting on or of the train.

Folding bikes are regarded as regular luggage, and can also be taken on board during rush hours.

If available you can use a lift to enter and exit the station. Otherwise use the moving staircases. Increase your stability by grabbing on to the handrail.

Take it easy

Taking your bike on public transport can come in handy. When you run into a flat tyre without a repair kit on hand, for example. Or when you don't really feel like climbing the Mont des arts that much... (Speaking of Brussels mountaineering: never forget the lift that takes you from the lower to the upper city at the Palais de Justice!)

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