Don’t let winter stop you cycling!

  • Equipment

Invest in good quality gear, make sure you are clearly visible and keep your bike in good shape. Then you’ll be able to continue making the most of the fresh air!

Wrap up warm

Protect your extremities: gloves, scarf and hat are your allies. A waterproof and windproof jacket will provide optimal comfort. Also think to slip a pair of waterproof overtrousers into your bag. That way they will always be to hand.

Be visible

Don’t be caught unawares by the onset of night: test your lights and reflectors beforehand. Add extra lights or various reflective items to your regular set of gear.

Take extra care of your bike

During the winter months you will need to pay special attention to your bike. Annoyingly, Ice, salt, snow and mud tend to cause damage. Some tips:

  • get yourself mudguards to stop the dirt
  • clean and oil your bike parts as often as you can

Cycling on snow and ice